Dan DeGregorio

Dan is a former IRS Agent and business owner. He joined PenFacs in 2009 and is the Chief Financial Officer and Financial Operations Principal of the Group. In those positions he has the responsibility of maintaining the financial books and records of the Group and overseeing payroll, accounts receivable, and accounts payable issues. This includes the reconciliation of commissions due the Group to insure their accuracy and proper and timely payment execution.  He performs a systematic review of the Group’s financial position and makes daily financial snapshot reports to assist management in tracking the progress being made in meeting the Group’s financial planning goals.  Among his duties he is responsible for monitoring and insuring that net capital and financial regulatory compliance and reporting as well as mandatory record retention requirements are met.

Dan’s best reason for being part of the PenFacs Group… “I enjoy working with likeminded experienced professionals that are committed to excellence in meeting client needs who are guided by the knowledge that at PenFacs management regards integrity as not just a word but a way of life.”