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Who We Are

Our Mission

The mission of The PenFacs Group is to design, identify and provide insurance plans to clients whose business, estate or retirement objectives requiring cash now or in the future. In order to accomplish our mission, we must first listen for client’s objectives and concerns. After defining and understanding the objectives and concerns, we can then begin to properly design, identify and provide insurance plans.

As a firm, we work in concert with a client’s other professional advisors in addressing concerns and objectives. We are happy to coordinate with those who practice investment advice, law or accountancy and will work jointly with those professionals. All advisors must work together in the design, implementation, and funding of the plans and strategies to be employed.

We must also be thorough in our research for excellent insurance products and be able to provide the added services that enhance the funded vehicles used to meet the client’s stated objectives. We are aware of tax issues concerning our solutions, as well as solvency issues of those companies issuing the insurance products we provide the client. After providing the solution, we must monitor the performance of the product in light of the client’s original objectives and concerns. When we design the solution to meet special client needs or objectives, we are very diligent in providing the same care as we would expect and want from others.


While being a visionary and offering the universe of insurance products are extremely important, the single most important factor that contributes to our firm’s success and ultimately the client’s advisor who elects to do business with our organization is the commitment we make to the Case.

We feel commitment ignites action. As an organization, we strive to consistently pledge ourselves to a certain purpose or line of conduct that is critical to an Advisor’s success. We have a sound set of beliefs that we adhere to with our actions. It is the strength of our commitments that differentiate us from the rest.