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PenFacs offers a full spectrum of products and services designed for individuals. 

Estate Planning

Far too often Estate Planning means nothing more than providing liquidity to pay potential estate taxes. In its true form, the art of Estate Planning encompasses far more than calculating a tax bill. At PenFacs we view Estate Planning as a holistic art encompassing not only tax planning, but also the rest of the client’s vision for the legacy they leave behind for their family and society as a whole.

Wealth Transfer Strategies

Wealth Transfer is yet another holistic art that integrates the best practices from many other disciplines. Clients have worked hard to reach a significant level of success and may not have paid enough attention to what will happen when their assets are ultimately passed to the next generation. The sting of both estate and income taxes are easily avoided when proper attention is paid to the tax treatment of each asset class as well as the ownership structure.

Long Term Care

As one of the most significant risks to net worth that the families face, planning for long term care expenses is a critical part of the planning process today. When coupled with the rapid rise in long term care costs and the corresponding cost of insurance coverage, this creates a perfect storm of both risk and opportunity. The PenFacs Group assists advisors in developing risk management strategies that provide the perfect balance between having adequate coverage and the cost of the coverage. Whether traditional Long Term Care or a “Linked Benefit” asset repositioning strategy, we have the most effective solution for your client.

Wealth Accumulation

The old axiom of its not how much you make but how much you keep that matters rings ever louder as markets flounder, income tax rates rise and estate tax is a complete unknown. PenFacs has assembled an array of tools and techniques for accumulating and retaining wealth that shelter the client from some of the risks associated with the challenges posed above. The proper use of insurance products to round out a client’s overall portfolio is an essential skill in an increasingly complex environment.

Income Replacement

What was once a rather straight forward discussion of Disability Income protection has become a diverse collection of tools to guard against a myriad of potential disruptions to not only a client’s income but also the asset that underlies that income. This may be their ability to work, as in the case of Disability Income, or a threat to their accumulated assets such as an extended long term care claim. In either event, this risk can be mitigated, and PenFacs can help you guide your client through the process of evaluating all of the tools at our disposal. Also available are solutions for protecting businesses from the impact on the business from the disability of Key contributors as well as supplemental High Limit coverage for High Income earners.