Family, Caregiving, and Compass: Charting a Path Through Troubled Waters

In our adult life, my brother and I would exchange texts about the Boston Celtics and random movie and video game trivia that we grew up on.  It was an exercise in nostalgia.  An attempt to create brief sentimental exchanges that might somehow bring us back to our childhood.  To bring us back to a time when life was simple… a time when mom and dad were invincible. Before the Stars Could Guide Us, There was a Spreadsheet For our entire lives, our parents have been sailors.  When they set sail from Gloucester Massachusetts to Cape Cod, Maine, or even down the entire eastern coast to the Virgin Islands, my dad had a spreadsheet that outlined every day’s destination, departure and arrival times, and every meal planned.  By having the plan laid out, even if they came across an engine issue or an unexpected storm, the plan was their guide, which could be modified as they faced any hurdles.    These days, I receive texts from my brother like, “mom locked herself in the bathroom again.  She had an ‘accident’ and is embarrassed”, or “dad just collapsed in the grocery store again”.  You see, while my wife and I are busy […]